Born in Guyana, has lived in France for 20 years. Everything started
with graffitis and typography. After a course in fashion, he started tattooing in 2012. Today he
works as an autodidact and a lot of ink has already sunk during his various trips…

His pieces are full of delicacy, mixing dot-work’s lightness with the grace of blackwork as well as
the spiritual dimension of sacred geometry. Projects always consider the morphology of each
person. The body speaks its own language, the only thing to do is to follow its curves, its own
drawing. The tattoo you will carry will be like a single piece of clothing, made to measure. Large
or small, his creations look as if they had just settled on various bodies like ethereal gems or

even artistic moles. With only one subject per day, you will have the opportunity to share and
live a unique experience in the best conditions you can have.

Before asking yourself which tattoo you would like to get, ask yourself why you want to get
tattooed and why today ? It will remind you of a precise moment in your life such as making a
step further, feeling better in your own body, etc. You will then realize that the act of getting
tattooed matters more than the design itself.