The “Let go project”

What is it?

Getting tattooed is not a trivial process as it consist in engraving a story in one’s own skin – forever.

Decency requires a deal to be made… Therefore, various protagonists need to examine the story together in order to be reassured and also confirmed the harmony between them. Tattoo artists and tattooed people discuss, accommodating art and ideas while looking at various projects.

Let’s try and imagine that creativity shouldn’t be subject to any constraint. What if we decided to get off the beaten tracks in order to escape from the vise clamping our imagination?
Anyone contacting me to get tattooed knows my style and like my work. This gave me a crazy idea: The « Let Go Project »

Your body is not just a support anymore, but a space open to imagination.

Let’s creativity get sublimed through your curves. Leave concentration behind and give place to freedom. After all, you know my style and must like it if you are reading this, so if you dare give me your body I will give up any restriction – except maybe the size and the place of the tattoo.

Do you want to experiment a pinch of craziness in a world where everything is measured ?
I will then offer my project « Let Go »
You will see your tattoo only at the end of our meeting and realize not only that your curves inspired me, but also what your body revealed me.
If you want to visualize what a session looks like, I invite you to check this fantastic video realized by Art Cream.
This project is only realizable on a tattoo-free part of your body.

The only limit will be that of the tattoo area you will have chosen.
An entire day comprehends a session lasting from 6 to 10 hours.

You only have to send me a picture of the AREA OF YOUR BODY to tattoo in a wide shot, so that I can have an idea of your morphology and other possible constraints.